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Strupp Family Crafts began as a simple Instagram account to share our miniature paintings, digital art, and any other crafts we were up to as a family. However, in September of 2020, we attended a local toy convention that changed everything for us. What began as a quick trip to show our youngest child some cool toys, quickly evolved into a family-wide passion. We each began collecting various lines and exploring the hobby. 

Brenda had a few years of sewing experience making Halloween costumes for the kids. When Sean asked if she could apply this skillset at an action figure scale, she gave it a shot. She created a large wired cape on her first attempt that thoroughly impressed the action figure community. The rest is history. Requests for custom soft goods immediately began to pour in. We knew that this was something special that needed to be cultivated. After awhile, we decided to commit to opening a business and create a website where we could sell multiples of the items Brenda was creating. In 2022, a new opportunity opened to us. We are now involved in soft goods prototyping for smaller action figure companies as well as our usual websales, commissions, and our own booth at action figure conventions. This has been an excited journey for us, and we look forward to what the future holds as opportunities continue to rise. You can follow and contact us at:

"Nikki Nikole" Chaney is a painter, customizer, and character designer. Drawing inspiration from her career in Biology and Conservation, many of her customs are modeled after the animals she loves. She grew up with a deep love of fantasy art and storytelling and enjoys telling stories through the characters she creates. Nikki can be reached through IG at nikkinikole_customs

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